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| 2 | tŌv lifestYle family matters The company name, TŌV, is a pLay on The heBrew word ToV, which means good. TŌV Life (good Life) is a new initiative that will be published quarterly. The purpose of the magazine is to share our company culture, feature our incredible partners and introduce our awesome staff who work behind the scenes and are the reason our company is successful. our company began with a dream. an american dream to achieve success, prosperity, and happiness through hard work and determination in an industry that was ripe for change. everyone gets lucky at times in life. The difference amongst people is what one does with their luck, and the return on investment you get for it. in 2009 i got lucky when a defunct online furniture website was offered to me for sale. despite having a job in real estate at the time, lacking any experience and contacts in the furniture industry, and very limited knowledge of e-commerce, i decided to "screw it let's do it." i was able to negotiate a purchase that required only $2,500 down. i truly believe that you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Being in the midst of the great recession, i still had to dig deep into our savings to make the deal happen. Fast forward about nine years, and we have grown from the basement of our Long island home, with two people, to a team of over 100 strong. The furniture industry is just one big family with siblings scattered throughout the country. i hope that this magazine can shrink geographical distances and allow us all to feel closer to one another. i welcome your feedback and appreciate your partnership as we all continue to chase our dreams! Best, Y. Bruce Krinsky chief Problem solver, TŌV Furniture Y. Bruce Krinsky Photo creds: Lea moshensky

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