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TOV LIFESTYLE | 3 | #Trending The world is a trending place. Wherever I seem to look these days, be it the news, social media, or stores, I am inundated with things that are being heavily influenced and trending with consumers. Not too long ago, it was about obtaining your necessities. People needed a suit for work, and families needed an icebox or refrigerator (not a stainless steel one) to keep their perishables cool. However, times have changed. Today it is trends that are the foundation for the majority of consumers' purchasing decisions and the basis for a company's sales. Being able to recognize the patterns of trends and not being afraid to act on them, even when they might not yet be proven is the key to being relevant in the modern era. Today, it's not the big that eat the small it's the fast that eat the slow. TOV was founded on the frustrations that Chaya and I experienced with the greater furniture industry not being able to adapt fast enough in a constantly evolving and trending world. Our search for a solution gave birth to TOV. I hope that you find inspiration and fresh ideas in our new magalog. For those not familiar with the term "magalog," its a combination of a catalog and a magazine. We recognize that catalogs can be boring and lack content. Hence, we married the concepts of a product catalog and a magazine and created the TOV magalog. TOV's goal from day one has been to inspire and educate consumers about furniture trends. Our furniture is made to be trending, lived in, and enjoyed. Don't Be Boring! Best, Y. Bruce Krinsky Chief Problem Solver, TOV Furniture Y. Bruce Krinsky C O V E R A R T I C L E "It's not the big that eat the small it's the fast that eat the slow."

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