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TOV LIFESTYLE | 3 | " Blah blah blah." That's the branding message consumers hear today from most companies in the home furnishing industry. A lot of companies in our industry lack a sense of cohesiveness and a branding narrative. There is too much clutter created when trying to be in too many places at once, which dilutes the company message and confuses consumers. A company might achieve high sales revenues if they produce 5,000 SKU's covering a myriad of styles and categories. However, they likely won't be any different from similar vendors in our crowded and fragmented industry. This strategy typically won't grow a brand that would be meaningful to consumers. There is a reason why so few home furnishing companies make the list of most admired brands in America. Having a clear and cohesive brand narrative will continue to play more of an essential role for brands to be successful in our industry. Having recognized this early on in our company's history, TOV refuses to be just another face in the crowd. We examine every step we take marketing our products to ensure proper infusion of the TOV branding. This requires discipline and challenges us to think creatively. Remaining focused on our vision and our brand's narrative is TOV's #1 priority. Think about it; you can be traveling on the best airplane, but if your pilot does not have a destination in mind, you will just drift around. Know where you want to go. Stay focused and on course, and consumers might begin to hear your brand's distinct message. Best, Y. Bruce Krinsky Chief Problem Solver, TOV Furniture Y. Bruce Krinsky C O V E R A R T I C L E

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