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TŌV LIFESTYLE | 3 | On Friday, August 17, the unthinkable happened to our family. Within a matter of a few short hours, my family was ripped apart by the loss of our young, devoted and loving sister/ mother, Dr. Hindi L. Krinsky. Hindi was a magnificent soul, who was taken from her family due to a sudden and brief illness at the young age of 32. Her passing has created an indescribable void amongst her family, friends, students, colleagues, and community. Hindi was a hardworking and passionate educator, whose ambition led her to accomplish a tremendous amount in her tragically short life. She lived and breathed education, creating bonds with her students that will be everlasting. At the same time, Hindi was an incredible homemaker and devoted mother to her 5 children. Tragically, 8 year old triplets Eliana, Hudi and Ezra, 4 year old Dorit, and her youngest, Abie, a mere baby of 18 months old, are left to grow up without their beloved mother. It is hard to believe that someone so full of life is no longer with us. Her passion and wit have been passed on to her children, who are energetic, creative and brilliant. My family is endlessly grateful for all those from around the world who have reached out with the concern for their well being during this terribly dark time. We appreciate the kind words of condolences you've offered and thank you for being with us at this tragic time. Losing a loved one so suddenly and at such a young age opened a world of sorrow, pain, and regret that is indescribable. But I know my sister would not want that. I can hear her laugh heartily and tell us to "get over it." She was always pushing forward and wanted us to become something greater. Hindi - I promise not to let you down! Best, Y. Bruce Krinsky Chief Problem Solver, TŌV Furniture heartbroken C O V E R A R T I C L E Bruce Krinsky CEO

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